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KCR vows to fight ‘divisive forces’


HYDERABAD: Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao lashed out at the ‘divisive forces’ who were insulting Mahatma Gandhi. He called upon the people not to tolerate any insult to Mahatma Gandhi, adding that no country would insult its own heroes. He said that the nation had the power to banish ‘black sheep’ who threatened peace with communal violence.

Rao asked people to gear up to work at the national-level to protect the country from divisive forces and if needed, Telangana would stand at the forefront in the fight against such forces.

Launching the two-week-long ‘Swatantra Bharata Vajrotsavalu’ to mark the 75 years of India’s Independence at HICC here on Monday, Rao said it was unfortunate that Mahatma Gandhi was being insulted and disrespected. When Barack Obama visited India as the US President, he stated that he would not have become President had Mahatma Gandhi not been born. Freedom fighter icon and South African President Nelson Mandela stated that he drew inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi and he was his role model.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr, the US civil rights activist, said Christ gave us goals and Mahatma Gandhi gave us tactics. Eminent scientist Albert Einstein also stated he drew inspiration from the Mahatma, Rao noted.
“When other countries recognise India as the country of Mahatma Gandhi, it is unfortunate that a few disruptive forces are insulting Gandhi in our own country. This should no longer be tolerated,” Rao said.

He said poverty was plaguing the country even after 75 years of Independence. Real development was possible only if poverty was eradicated. “Protests and fights are normal. Even before the freedom struggle, there were revolts in Telangana, followed by the Naxal movement. Today, many communities are still fighting for their needs in the country. Dalits and minorities are complaining about their struggles of life. There will always be struggle and protests until poverty is not eradicated. Only when poverty is mitigated will the country be peaceful,” he said.

Rao said the Telangana government took up several novel initiatives for the upliftment of poor and marginalised sections in the last eight years to eradicate poverty.

The Chief Minister said these celebrations were being organised by the state government to inform the new generations about the spirit of India’s independence struggle. He said people of older generations must educate the younger generations about India’s battle for Independence.

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